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Sunday Reading: Transformational Presidents 2020-11-15 06:00:00From The New Yorker’s archive: a selection of pieces about Presidential leadership and ambition.

The Professor and the Politician 2020-11-12 09:09:44For Max Weber, only the most heroic figures could generate meaning in the world. Does his theory hold up today?

The Undying Voice of Diane di Prima 2020-11-09 11:00:00So much of the woman I am today is because of the woman Diane once was.

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Gimmicks 2020-11-09 06:00:00Why is the same word used to describe the harmless enchantments of literary technique and the cruel buffoonery of contemporary political and economic

The Ability to Cry 2020-11-09 06:00:00If I shed one tear, I might become Alice, swimming in an ocean of my tears.

Rebecca Curtis on Fantasy and Reality 2020-11-09 06:00:00The author discusses “Hansa and Gretyl and Piece of Shit,” her story from this week’s issue of the magazine.

Shirley Hazzard and the Art of Outsized Intimacy 2020-11-09 06:00:00In her fiction, Hazzard bridged extremes of scale, imbuing minor love stories with epic meaning.

Briefly Noted Book Reviews 2020-11-09 06:00:00“The Silence,” “A Lover’s Discourse,” “A World Beneath the Sands,” and “Grieving.”

Sunday Reading: The Children’s Hour 2020-11-08 06:00:00From The New Yorker’s archive: a selection of pieces that explore the inner lives of children.

George Saunders on Surprising Himself 2020-11-02 06:00:00The author discusses “Ghoul,” his story from this week’s issue of the magazine.

Does Knowing God Just Take Practice? 2020-11-02 06:00:00For both the faithful and the doubtful, the source of religious experience can seem mysterious. One anthropologist explores belief in more mundane ter

Searching for Refuge After the Second World War 2020-11-02 06:00:00The end of the war brought a sense of possibility—a chance to redefine civilization. But for Jews displaced throughout Europe more doors cl

Christian Science Monitor |

Cary Grant’s charm was legendary, but his best 2020-11-10 18:26:00In Scott Eyman’s thorough biography, the actor comes across as a man who hid behind his debonair persona, to the detriment of his relationships.

‘The Upswing’: From personal gain to common good 2020-11-10 18:18:55Robert D. Putnam assesses the schisms and swings in 20th-century American politics – and why there’s hope for the future.

‘The Good American’: One man struggled to make 2020-11-10 18:16:47As America stepped into conflicts across the world in the late 20th century, one bureaucrat took on the thankless task of tallying up the human cost.

Q&A with with James Gardner, author of ‘The 2020-11-10 18:06:29Among Western art institutions, the Louvre looms as a supreme icon of cultural sophistication. But how did it get that way? James Gardner explains.

‘His Only Wife’ turns fairytale tropes upside down 2020-11-10 18:06:09When a poor young woman is offered the hand of a rich young man, the marriage seems like it should solve her problems. What happens when it doesn&rsqu

‘James Monroe’ is an unclouded look at a 2020-11-10 17:56:43Biographers find themselves reckoning with the Founding Fathers’ complicity in slavery – and James Monroe is no exception.

‘Simon the Fiddler’ explores the redemptive power of 2020-11-10 17:46:40A musician, conscripted into the Confederate Army in the waning days of the Civil War, finds reasons for hope.

Humorist David Sedaris delivers his choicest material in 2020-11-03 12:58:40A mainstay on the bestseller lists, the often wry and deadpan Sedaris takes a victory lap with this amusing collection of published work.

‘Red Comet’ is the biography Sylvia Plath has 2020-11-03 12:20:07Plath is often reduced to a punchline or mythologized as a “high priestess of poetry.” A new biography paints a more generous – and

Poet Ted Kooser’s ‘Red Stilts’: Beauty in small 2020-11-03 12:03:00Ted Kooser doesn't need much at all, really, to help you see vibrancy and joy. Muddy tire tracks and lumber with a lick of paint will do.

Joining an anti-racist book club? Don’t get too 2020-11-03 11:47:00Anti-racist book sales and book clubs are booming, with a focus not just on reading and talking but on action – in workplaces, churches, and sch

Without precedent: Books that shed light on America 2020-10-30 11:23:00Books about President Trump have flooded stores over the past four years. These three titles illuminate what’s been going on in American politic

The New York Review of Books

The Powerful Reticence of Felix Gonzalez-Torres 2020-11-22 07:00:00Often, these days, when I’m in a museum or gallery, I find the artwork on offer surrounded by large helpings of didactic wall text telling me ho

Holding the Fraudster-in-Chief to Account 2020-11-21 08:00:30On November 20, 2020, we published “The Case for Prosecuting Trump” by former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori. Without minimizing the p

The Case for Prosecuting Trump 2020-11-20 07:48:33When Donald J. Trump leaves office, he will, like many con artists before him, leave behind a huge mess for others to clean up. The pandemic that his

What Did the Democrats Win? 2020-11-19 11:30:00The minority repeatedly thwarting the will of the majority is intolerable and untenable.

Georgia On My Mind 2020-11-19 07:53:45It’s 3:30 AM Friday after Election Day, and I keep nodding off in my phone’s harsh glare, my finger hovering over the refresh button. Scre

Can Liberals Win in a Conservative Court? 2020-11-17 06:00:00President Trump is on his way out the door, even if he goes kicking and screaming. The Biden-Harris administration will have its hands full picking up

An Archaeology of Resistance 2020-11-16 07:00:00The tale of Scheherazade is one of the cruelest stories about beauty and the vitality of artistic expression. It tells of the relationship between the

On the Far-Right and Policing in America 2020-11-14 08:00:16On November 12, 2020, we published Ali Winston’s “New York’s Finest?”—a report on the New York Police Department’s

The Presidential Transition Meets Murphy’s Law 2020-11-13 18:32:04Trump’s absurd insistence that he “WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” is easy enough to ignore. What is harder to ignore is what his appo

New York’s Finest? 2020-11-12 14:53:19As 2020’s chaotic presidential election was called last weekend, New York City erupted in a cacophony of joy at Donald Trump’s defeat. Ame

Criminalizing a Constitutional Right 2020-11-12 07:00:00National discussions of abortion—of any services that might end a pregnancy, make contraception available, or provide other means of regulating

The Sense of an Ending 2020-11-12 07:00:00The Silence is full of voices, a work of talky minimalism whose characters are all troubled by the absence of sound. Five of them, three men and two w


'Even As We Breathe': A First Novel From 2020-11-22 17:30:00The book is a mystery of sorts, set at an upscale North Carolina resort during World War II. Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle teaches at a high school with

'Nights When Nothing Happened' Is Quietly Lovely — 2020-11-22 07:00:30Simon Han's debut novel follows a Chinese immigrant family in Texas, whose fragile peace is shattered after the father is wrongly accused of a crime,

'How Fascism Works' Author On Trump's Attempts To 2020-11-21 17:00:00NPR's Leila Fadel speaks to Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them, about President Trump's refusal to concede and

Simon Han Explores The Immigrant Experience In His 2020-11-21 07:56:00Simon Han's debut novel is set in the Texas suburbs he grew up in. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Han about his book chronicling the immigrant experien

'These Violent Delights' Transports Romeo And Juliet To 2020-11-21 07:00:28Chloe Gong's new novel has some of the important aspects of Shakespeare's famous tragedy — but more than anything else, it's a rich portrait

'To Be A Man': Book Of Stories Filled 2020-11-20 15:58:00NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with author Nicole Krauss about her new book of short stories, To Be A Man.

The CIA's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, 2020-11-20 13:45:29Journalist Stephen Kinzer reveals how the CIA worked in the 1950s and early '60s to develop mind control drugs and deadly toxins that could be used a

'Oak Flat' Tells The Story Of An Apache 2020-11-20 10:15:00Artist and writer Lauren Redniss mixes art, design, and rigorous research with a prose style that is at once assertive, journalistic and poetic to cre

Paris' Iconic Shakespeare And Company Bookstore In Trouble 2020-11-20 05:04:00Famous English-language Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company has lost nearly 80% of its revenue since the first pandemic shutdown in France. The ow

U.S. Marine Veteran Discusses His New Memoir And 2020-11-20 05:04:00NPR's Noel King speaks with Frank "Gus" Biggio about his memoir, The Wolves of Helmand: A View from Inside the Den of Modern War.

'Shuggie Bain,' Douglas Stuart's First Novel, Wins 2020 2020-11-19 15:39:09Shuggie Bain is "a moving, immersive and nuanced portrait of a tight-knit social world, its people and its values," the judges wrote. Stuart based t

Democracy Is 'Strained' But Not 'Broken,' Former President 2020-11-19 10:00:23In his first interview with Terry Gross, Obama talks about what he misses most about being president and reflects on the turmoil of the Trump White Ho

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