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Pisces Daily Horoscope - Pisces Horoscope Today

Monday, July 22, 2019

Try to get out of your office early and do things that you really enjoy. Money gains will not be to your expectations. You need to be patient with children or those who are less experienced than you are. Sudden romantic encounter may confuse you. This is an excellent time for developing professional contacts in other countries. Today people will pass compliments-which you have always wanted to hear. Your spouse will kiss your pains away in the fractions of seconds today.

Lucky Number :- 7

Lucky Color :- Cream and White

Remedy :- Distribute chocolates, toffees, and white sweets among young girls to gain good financial status.

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Pisces daily horoscope is an astrological guideline served to our followers in order to make them aware about what to expect in future before it occurs. It is good enough if you have the information prior to the happening of any new task. In India, people believe in checking panchangam to find an auspicious muhurat before starting any new venture. Pisces horoscope today will help you to let know about your event on prior basis and actual consequences of that particular task. We don't forget to check favourable time to commence any new venture.

You may have questions in your mind related to Pisces zodiac sign like Who do Pisces not get along with? Who should a Pisces marry? Are Pisces mean? Are Pisces bipolar? What is so special about being a Pisces? Here on Astrosage, Pisces horoscope today will help you to know all these questions coming into your mind. However, before heading towards Pisces daily horoscope, let's understand about Pisces sign.

What is Pisces Zodiac Sign?

Pisces daily horoscope is based on the twelfth sign of Kaal Purush Kundali and represents its twelfth house. It is the last sign of Zodiac in general. It is of 300 in longitude. It gets extended from 3300 from the vernal equinox to 3600. This is the ending point of the Zodiac. The 30th degree of Pisces and 00 of Aries are the same point. Sun is in northern course while passing to this sign.

According to Sayana system, Sun transits into Pisces sign on or around 19th feb and passes on to Aries on or around 21st March. According to Nirayana system, Zodiacs are fixed as Sun enters into this sign on 12th March and leaves this sign on 13th April of every year. This sign is governed by planet Jupiter. It is the exaltation sign of planet Venus. Mercury gets debilitated in this sign. Saturn also doesn't lose its strength and becomes auspicious for the native.

As per Hindu Astrology, Jupiter and Venus are enemy to each other. It means they may differ in their qualities like thoughts, actions, mode of life, company, society etc. Hence it is recommended not to assume Jupiter and Venus as a complete enemy of each other. Jupiterians believe in spirituality whereas Venusians believe in materialis life and hence enjoy all the comforts of the world.

It is the friendly sign to Sun, Moon and Mars. The pictorial symbol of this sign is two fishes, one is facing to north direction whereas other one is facing towards South. It is also known as the sign of "Moksha". Pisces is a watery, common, cold, Ubaya, feminine, fruitful, psychic, emotional etc.

Pisces Born people and their Physical Appearance

As we have already discussed all about Pisces sign, now, we will discuss about physical appearance of Pisces born people. People born under any particular sign of zodiac do reflect different traits. It is a commonly combined effect of planets, rashi and nakshatra on us. Pisces horoscope today would enable you to let know about the some significant and common physical appearances of Pisces born. If you are Pisces born, we hope that you may find some common traits or expressions within you. Let's know few physical appearance below about Pisces:

They are generally short in height. They are plumpy and weigh as much as tall person. They have short and stout hands and feet. The shoulders are muscular and spherical. They have big and protruding eyes. They have soft and silky hair. Characteristics of Pisces Born People

As we have already described about physical appearances of Pisces born people. Now we will disclose few characteristic and traits of Capricorn born. For more information about daily basis, you must read our Pisces daily Horoscope, it will let you know about your results of the day on prior basis, so that remedial actions can be taken out if needed. It would guide you in a right direction to proceed your important tasks of that particular day. Let's understand below common characteristics of Pisces born people:

They are good philosopher and related to progeny due to the ownership ruled by the planet Jupiter. They are restless, ever dreamy, contemplating, imagining and never hesitate to lead a romantic life. They are honest, outspoken, helpful and humane. They don't go into the cause of other's troubles, but lead with their assistance at one call. Just like water, which is used to blow out fire, Pisces born people also calm down their enemies. They treat them with courtesy and forgive them. As it is a dual sign, hence they are more likely to a puzzle to others and to themselves too. People sometimes may find contradiction in their nature. They cannot be steady. They are mostly sweet tempered and socially inclined. They will be polite and modest. Being the exaltation sign of Venus, they may be poet, musician or painter or serve in a makeup room as they are harmless. They are best fitted for planning commission. These types of people are really difficult to cope up with. They will have desire to study occult science, the divine life, due to 12th house of zodiac. They are timid and have no self confidence. They will have wish to go overseas and will visit foreign lands. They are extravagant due to the second sign, ruled by planet Mars. they earn more and spend also much. They are frank and fearless. They have good neighbours due to the lordship of planet Venus over 3rd house. They will be studious and keep changing their residence. Being fifth house ruled by planet Moon, they are more timid, dreamy and imaginative. They have one defect, that is relying upon all their friends and later realising that the world is full of both good and wicked people. Hence we may say that wisdom comes late. What does Pisces sign signify in various aspects of life?

Pisces horoscope today will help you to know about your various aspects of life on daily basis. You can calculate your day to day tasks through Pisces daily horoscope. We need to understand first what Pisces sign signifies in our daily life through Pisces horoscope today. If you wish to know about your various aspects of life based on your life's major events, you must read our various aspects of life represented by zodiac sign Pisces:

Environment: In general, they welcome many friends. They can always invite astrologers as astrologers can listen to their narration and confer mental solace. They have the desire to give their children a higher education. They always wish to have educated partner in their life. They love happy domestic life. They are very affectionate at home. Marriage: These people prefer beauty of their partner, their intellectual pursuits and fine arts. They do not want mean minded partners. Pisces borns will be ever dreaming about love and delaying and postponing anything to develop the romance.They are kind, sympathetic and loyal in nature. They will be attracted towards romantic side of life. Finance & Profession: Their main motive of life is basically to help others who need either health or wealth knowledge. Hence, they may be good nurses, caterers, welfare workers, teachers, accountants and bankers.

Since 5th house is ruled by planet Moon, hence they may go in the fields like music, opera, cinema etc and take interest in occult science. The exalted Venus produces musicians, poets, actors etc. They can not concentrate and do any detailed work. They have good business ability and will thrive better as Liaison officer than as Managing Director or Chairman.

They can be succeeded as Ministers and Physicians. The best business or service suited to them will be sailor in navy, shipping and clearing agents in the harbour, captain of ship, custom house, dealers in drinks, oil, beverages, chemicals, motion picture, service in temple, asylums, etc. Jupiter, lord of Pisces, gets exalted in Cancer i.e. in fifth house for Pisces borns. That is why Pisces born love and adore their children. They are more like a mirror. They are very much strict with their children. If children are unable to score good or sufficient marks or they are playful then they will not be threatened and in fact will advise them. The children are normally intelligent and successful in their lives.

Places: Pond, ocean, fisheries, fish canneries, backwater, wet places, oil fields, oil tanks, temples, asylum, isolation, jails, water mills, wells etc. Product: Fisheries, rubber, submarine, diving operation, shipping, navigation, liquids. Lucky days: Thursdays, Tuesdays and Sundays. Mondays and Saturdays cause loss. Wednesdays and Fridays are inauspicious, Thursdays are recommended for professions. Tuesdays are good for finances and higher studies. Sundays are good for competitions. Saturdays should be avoided for dispute, agreements etc. Lucky Colours: Red and Yellow, rose and orange will be fortunate. Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 3, 9 and they should avoid the number 8. Lucky Stone: Pearl, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire What do all 12 houses signify for Pisces Born?

Astrology Houses play vital role to understand various aspects of our lives. You need to read our Pisces daily horoscope in order to get an idea about your events not happened yet. That can be truly understood by the house significations for Pisces born. Let's understand thoroughly the significations of the houses below for Aquarius sign and how these houses are being operated by the divine:

First House: First house shows about "yourself". Pisces itself rules over the first house for Pisces born people. It is governed by the planet Jupiter. Second House: It shows Family, Wealth, and Finances. Aries is governed by the planet Mars and it governs the second house for Pisces born people. Third house: This house shows about Communication & Siblings in any horoscope. Taurus rules over this house of astrology for Pisces born and its ruling planet is Venus. Fourth House: Fourth House shows about "Sukhsthana" or the house of mother. Gemini rules over fourth house for Pisces born people and its ruling planet is Mercury. Fifth House: This house shows Children and Education. Cancer rules over fifth house and the ruling planet for this house is Moon. Sixth House: This house shows debt, disease and enemy. Leo rules over Sixth house for Pisces born and the ruling planet of this house is Sun. Seventh House: This House shows partnership, spouse and marriage. Virgo rules over seventh house for Pisces born and the ruling planet is Mercury. Eighth House: Eighth house shows about "Longevity" and "Mystery". Libra rules over eighth house and the ruling planet of this sign is Venus. Ninth House: This house shows "Guru/Teacher" & "Religion". Scorpio rules over ninth house for Pisces rising and the ruling planet is Mars for this sign. Tenth House: This house shows career or profession or Karma sthana. Sagittarius rules over tenth house for Pisces born people and the ruling planet is Jupiter. Eleventh House: This house shows the gains and incomes. Capricorn occupies eleventh house for Pisces Born people and the ruling planet is Saturn. Twelfth House: Twelfth house shows the expenditure and losses. Aquarius occupies this house for Pisces born people and it is ruled by the planet Saturn.

As we have already discussed above the various characteristics for Pisces born people. If you wish to know more traits of Pisces born on daily basis, you must read our Pisces horoscope today. That will lead you in right direction and also help you to analyse the favourable time to start any auspicious work.

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